The second major of 2022 for Rainbow Six Siege takes place in Germany, from August 15 and 21. Theater am Potsdamer Platz invites 16 teams to play in 4 groups of 4 and a playoff to decide who places better to take a bigger share of the $500,000 prize pool. The event also grants points for the Six Invitational 2023. And now let's see who are the favorites to reach to the finals of Berlin Major 2022.

Astralis — 7.00

The American team had quite a memorable season this year: they took the NAL Season 2022 Stage 1 and 2 and placed second at Six Charlotte Major. They tried to cause troubles to DarkZero Esports, taking 2 maps out of 5. Now they are more prepared and aware of the enemies' weaknesses and strengths. Astralis' chances to win the major are reasonably high, but the odds are high too.

Wolves Esports — 7․50

Wolves consider 2022 to be their season: they won in EU League 2022 Stage 2, as well as 6 French League 2022 Season 4. Now the focus is on the major, and the team is ready to demonstrate another circle of determination. Whenever Wolves win a match, they do it in a dominant manner, thus experts think that in-form Wolves could kick out Astralis from the competition bracket.

FURIA Esports — 9․00

The Brazilian roster of R6S is not among the best when it comes to international countries, but they can't be ignored either, especially at this important stage of the ongoing major. FURIA perform well enough at domestic leagues. But the roster needs more if they want to place higher than top 3rd-4th in the league. They are back from Copa Elite Six 2022, taking that 4th slot and a humble 3,500 prize cash.