R6S European League proceeds with the clash of Rogue and PWNZ. Roster updates and winning odds are presented hereby.

Rogue come to this match with 4 victories , 1 draw and 1 loss. They drew with BDS Esports and lost to Heroic recently. Overall, the performance is not impressive when Rogue meets a stronger team. Rogue's players are: 

  • LeonGids;

  • Cryn;

  • Deapek;

  • Kantoraketti;

  • Spoit.

Lately PWNZ are out of form. They had only 1 draw in 10 matches. This means that they are not ready to face one of the strongest sides of the league. PWNZ roster is:

  • Scyther;
  • wTg;
  • eXoduSS;
  • Amision;
  • Niko2k.

Rogue vs PWNZ winning odds

Teams met once this year, where Rogue became the winner. The score was 7-5, so the matchup was quite close. Now the odds favor Rogue again:

  • Rogue  win — 1.18;
  • PWNZ win — 4.35.