Rainbow 6 Siege European League proceeds with Rogue and Wolves Esports competing in a best-of-1 matchup. Follow along for prediction and pre-match stats.

Rogue won their last 3 matches of EUL Stage 2. They've outclassed Outsiders, G2 and Team Secret. Seems like they are one of the best teams in the league now, but Wolves will have a lot more to say. Rogue's roster is:

  • LeonLids;
  • cryn;
  • Deapek;
  • Kantoraketti;
  • Spoit.

Wolves are also in a great shape. They defeated teams like PWNZ, Heroic and MNM Gaming. The closest score was in the game against PWNZ, with the final numbers on board being 7:5. Wolves look impressive each week. Their team consists of the following 5:

  • BiBooAF;
  • risze;
  • Shiinka;
  • P4;
  • Mowwwgli.

Rogue vs Wolves prediction

Rogue are the underdogs. They are more likely to lose to a stronger opponent, than Wolves, who try their best to avoid upsets. Finally, let's have a look at the odds of the best-of-1 match:

Note that the odds, presented by pinnacle.com, may change in real-time.