Epic Games have announced lately that players from Russia will not be able to participate in cash prize tourneys. The ban is already applied, however, in-game purchases are still open for Russian citizens.

The official Fortnite page states:

Players residing in Russia must complete the prize verification process for any previous tournaments and claim funds from Epic’s payment provider before March 22, 2022. If cash prizes remain unclaimed after March 22, 2022, they will be frozen until Epic’s payment service provider is able to resume prizing support for players residing in Russia.

Fortnite is not that popular in Russia, however, there are some esports athletes from this region that could be affected with the new ruling.

Fortnite is not the only esports brand that joined the global boycott towards the Russian Federation and its people. ESL, WePlay and BLAST Premier were the first ones to use sancitons against the country when the military operation in Ukraine started on February 24.