TSM vs Heroic is the last match of the second matchday at R6S Jonkoping Major. Earlier today the collectives had their respective matches, and now it's time to go head to head. Here we present the prediction and rosters for the event.

TSM lost to Liquid and won against Sandbox Gaming. This is the very beginning of competition, so expect them to amke adjustments to the game plan. At the same time, TSM's players registered for today are: 

  • Beaulo;
  • Merc;
  • Gasher;
  • Snake;
  • Achieved.

Heroic also met Sandbox Gaming, but their clinical dominance was brighter today: 7-1 in favor of Heroic. On the other hand, they had lost to Liquid the day before. Heroic compete with these names in the lineup: 

  • UUNo;
  • Grizzly;
  • Benjamaster;
  • Mrofficer;
  • Jume.

TSM vs Heroic prediction

Teams met once this year. TSM succeeded in the match, with the score of 7-5. Heroic have less chances to win this time, according to the analysts from Pinnacle.com. Time to look at the odds offered by the latter: