LCS had a very entertaining game on weekend, where Cloud9 faced Evil Geniuses. The match was going to be a tough one, many believed, as C9 star player Ibrahim "Fudge" Allami picked Soraka against EG's Viktor. The Starchild made some outstanding plays during teamfights.

At times when Fudge was eliminated, AD carry Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol would do the job of C9's savior. This was also the case at the final moments of the game, where his triple kill helped Cloud9 beat the Geniuses with the score of 1:0.ย 

Fans of C9 also have a special thanks to the head coach LS's for his game plan. which gives a hand in the critical moments of his team.

EG will face Team Liquid and Immortals next, which means the 1-week preparation should be used wisely: maybe those teams will also catch EG in surprise with their picks and tactics.

C9 beat EG with Soraka mid in LCS