DWG vs JDG is the next in B Group in Worlds 2022. It takes numerous best-of-1's to decide upon who advances to the playoffs of the event and who does not. Follow along for more details on this battle, including betting tips and rosters.

JDG had a positive season in Summer, winning the LPL 2022 Summer Split. They have done a lot of manual and mental work to appear in this most anticipated championship. The struggle is not over and JDG have these names registered to play against DWG:

  • Hope;
  • Yagao;
  • 369;
  • Kanavi;
  • Missing.

DWG.K is not the same we used to see back in 2021. Everything seems to be less confident around their play, though the roster managed to defeat EG and G2 already. The task is harder today, with the same lineup of players stepping up:

  • Nuguri
  • Canyon
  • ShowMaker
  • deokdam
  • Kellin

DWG vs JDG betting tips 

Teams met once this year. JDG won it,  just like the other 2 encounters in their Group. Therefore analysts believe in JDG's victory once again. As for the odds, Pinnacle has presented these numbers: