Essence Emporium arrived in League of Legends in June 28, 2022 and is set to end on July 12, 2022. Players will have a chance to use the excess blue essence to pick up exclusive in-game cosmetics during this period. Have you got enough blue essence to get what is offered?

This will be the last Emporium for an extended time. The latest patch indicates that the event is inefficient as it causes delay to some other projects Riot are concentrated on in LoL.

Blue essence is one of the in-game currencies of LoL. There are also another types of essences, called Mythic Essence and Orange Essence. Players use them for obtaining skins and other cosmetics. Essence Emporium, logically, is the annual sale going on twice per year: one mid-year, and the other pre-season. Now it is time for the first, mid-year sale, which is live now and ends in 2 weeks. Here is a short video announcing the buffs of the first Emporium of the year.