The newest LoL patch 12.13 will go live on July 12. Changes revealed earlier are expected to come to the servers at 13:00 UTC. Analysts from Skill Capped have picked the best champions to use for all the roles in the new meta.

First and foremost, fans will see Nilah joining the playable champion list, so check out her abilities here.

Starting with the top lane, Renekton will receive buffs on his ultimate ability. His mythic items are going to improve his passive too, so his shift from B tier to A tier is what you can expect. Massive changes will be applied to Gwen. All of her abilities see upshift, both in damage and cooldown stats. Last patch she was a C tier champ, and now the scissor-girl will appear in B tier with 12.13 patch.S tier is still occupied by Darius, but on low ELO's Garen, Yorick and Mordekaiser serve well enough. 

Jungle changes improve Elise's health and armor. Her base HP goes up with 25 pts, while HP Growth is now 109 instead of 107. Q, W and R abilities also see increase:

  • Neurotoxin (Human Q)
    • Base Damage: 40/70/100/130/160 > 40/75/110/145/180
  • Passive HPS: (total healing unchanged) 15-75 per level / 15-150 per level
  • Volatile Spiderling (W)
    • MR Shred: 25-35% > 35-45%
  • Spider Form (R)
    • Now sets passive on a 1.25s cooldown

Next jungler, Evelynn, will have an ultimate ability buff, so she settles down now in A tier. At the same time, Fiddlestick will see R buffs too, moving again from B to tier A. 

Taliyah mains have got to learn that her Q bonus now does not deal the same monstrous damage, but using it second time stuns the enemy. As a result, the adjustments bring her to tier A. Master Yi changes might make him look extremely overpowered now too. His W cooldown is now reduced from 28 seconds to just 9 seconds. Instead, it has seen damage reduction on W. In short, welcome Master Yi in S Tier. 

One of the nerfed junglers of this patch will be Volibear, but only one ability of the champ is going to suffer. His W will not be so fatal now, but later on Q and R nerfs might kick in too. However, Volibear is still a decent pick in low ELO, just like Belveth and Amumu. Be sure to ban enemy Diana, as she feels great in this lane too.

Time to dive into mid lane changes. Galio moves from B to A tier, with his Q damage going from 2 to 2.5. AP ratio improvement will also be there in patch 12.13. Talking about the latter, expect Vex to have a more powerful Q AP ratio and stand still in the A tier. Mid champs like Anivia, Victor and Swain remain on top of the list. For low ELOs, it is more preferable to pick Veigar and Nami, while keeping eye on banning Victor and Cassadin.

Changes in ADC role have only hit Sivir, but he's been hit severely. Here are the results of the rework:

  • Mana: 325 > 300
  • Mana Growth: 50 > 40
  • Mana Regen/s: 1.6 > 1.2
  • Mana Regen Growth: .18 > .16
  • AD: 63 > 58
  • AD Growth: 3 > 3.3
  • Base HP: 632 > 600
  • AS Growth: 1.6% > 2%

Passive: Fleet Of Foot

  • Flat 2 seconds > Decays over 1.5 seconds
  • Flat MS gain: 45-60 > 55-70

Q - Boomerang Blade

  • Base Damage: 35-95 > 25-85
  • tAD Ratio: .7-1.4 > .8-1.0
  • Cooldown: 7 > 12-8
  • Cast Time: .25 > .25-0 (Scalacing with Attack Speed)
  • Cost: 70-110 > 55-75
  • Missile Speed: 1350 > 1450 outward, 1200 inward

W - Ricochet

  • Buff Duration: 3 attacks > 4 seconds
  • Max Bounces: "Infinite" > 8 Per Ricochet
  • tAD: 0.3-0.9 > 0.3>0.5
  • Bounce Range: 450 > 500
  • Cost: 75 > 60
  • Bounce Missile Speed: 700 > 1000

E - Spell Shield

  • REMOVED: Mana Refund
  • Cooldown: 22-10 > 22-14

R - On The Hunt

  • Cooldown: 120-80 > 100-70
  • REMOVED: Attack Speed
  • REMOVED: Initial Movement Speed Burst
  • UNCHANGED: Movement Speed for Sivir and Allies: 20-30%
  • Duration: 8 > 8-12.

Best picks for high ELO are Seraphine, Jhin and Twitch. Seraphine is good in low ELOs too, near MF and Veigar.

Support changes are not many either. Renata is still on the S tier, while Senna won't see improvements with this patch. Alternatively, one can trust Pyke more in 12.13, as an S tier champ. Brand and Zyra are going to be just fine for low ELOs too.