LCK had one of the most anticipated matches of the Summer Split on the 8th of July. Last split champions T1 met the first-place team Gen.G. The match ended in T1 favor, with a comeback from Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok's team. Meanwhile, he had his 500th win of the career. In the post-match interview Faker said that it had been a long time since he dreamt about setting this record.

Talking about their first map failure. Faker said that Gen.G managed to make a composition that they are used to playing. Besides, there had been many errors in the early game from T1, that's why they missed the chance of claiming a clean victory.

Faker was thankful to his teammate Oner, for cheering him up after map 1. This gave Faker more motivation and confidence in the upcoming maps.ย 

Talking on his 500th iconic win, Faker said that he has not shown his best form yet and he will try to work hard to demonstrate his top play.