LCK Summer 2022 advances with the next match featuring Gen.G and Fredit Brion. Prediction and pre-match stats are discussed hereby.

Brion did not have any wins so far since March. Expecting them to stop Gen.G might not be the right thing to do for now, as their today opponents are on another level, while Brion barely match the mid-table teams. Brion roster registered for today is:

  • Lava;
  • Umti;
  • Morgan;
  • Hena;
  • Delight.

Gen.G had 4 wins out of the last 5 matches. They managed to win against HLE and DWG.KIA at the start of Summer Split, so things look good enough for the top 2 team of the league. Here you can see Gen.G roster competing today:

  • Peanut;
  • Ruler;
  • Chovy;
  • Doran;
  • Lehends.

F.Brion vs Gen.G prediction

Gen.G are the obvious favorites of the match. They  are the top 2 team in LCK, thus it is expected that they will continue smashing teams seated lower than Gen.G do. The odds for the match are shown below.

  • Brion win — 1.09;
  • Gen.G  win — 6.78;
  • Map Total > 2.5 — 2.94;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1․38.