The second day of Worlds 2022 brings us another best-of-1 series, with competing sides of DFM and Fnatic. Here are the most important takes before the match.

Starting with Fnatic, the roster had 2 key players testing positive for COVID, but as of the latest announcements, the players will be available to compete. FNC had 4 wins in the latest 5 matches, thus they have huge chance to win the best-of-1 match in the following lineup:

  • Wunder;
  • Razork;
  • Humanoid;
  • Upset;
  • Hylissang.

DFM were beaten yesterday by LOUD. The team, however had 4 back to back wins before that. DFM might be good in their own region, but international matchups still need to be polished. DFM's main 5 are:

  • Evi;
  • Steal;
  • Yaharong;
  • Yutapon;
  • Harp.

Fnatic vs DFM prediction

Teams are yet to test each other out this year. For now, the only minus for Fnatic is their questionable lineup, but DFM have the potential to be more reactive in this one-and-only map. suggests the following odds on the occasion:

Please note that odds may change in real time.