The heated day of Worlds 2022 Group stage is not over yet. Next we're to witness the battle of EDG and Fnatic. Follow along for more on betting tips and lineups.

Fnatic's lost the latest match to EDG with the score of 19:9. It is a tough job to confront EDG in any tournament, and especially in Worlds, EDG come to be the favorites every time. The following 5 from FNC though have already seen the strengths and weaknesses of EDG, to show a better LoL in best-of-1:

  • Wunder;
  • Hylissang;
  • Upset;
  • Razork;
  • Humanoid

EDG are ready to claim 3 more victories against Group A enemies. They look refreshed enough within their own playstyle, and being the unstoppable force in their region has brought a lot of confidence to this team. EDG's main 5 will be on stage one more time against FNC:

  • Meiko;
  • Flandre;
  • Scout;
  • Viper;
  • JunJia,

FNC vs EDG winning odds

Teams met twice within a year, sharing a win and a loss respectively. The first match was over 11 months ago, where FNC were the winners. The latest happened 2 days ago, with EDG's victory in best-of-1. As for the odds, Pinnacle has presented these numbers: