Worlds 2022 Group A matches start with Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses, competing in
b-o-1 format. Here we present the winning odds and rosters.

EG have been making adjustments to their roster prior to the LCS playoffs. However, there is no proper synergy with Kaori yet. Now the whole lineup looks like this:

  • Impact;
  • inspired;
  • Jojopyun;
  • Kaori;
  • Vulcan.

Fnatic were top third this year in their region. However they were not good enough to defeat G2 and Rogue at the end of the season. FNC's roster is:

  • Wunder;
  • Razork;
  • Humanoid;
  • Upset;
  • Hylissang.

Fnatic vs EG winning odds

Teams are yet to test each other after a long time. Fnatic are quite promising, even though they had problems with playing together amidst covid infection of their bot lane. Now things look better and FNC are ready to face EG. The odds for the match, presented by Pinnacle are presented next.