After completing his 2500th assist of the career against Excel Esports, the Bulgarian League of Legends player Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov gave an interview, talking about his teammates and especially focusing on the talented player Marek "Humanoid" Brazda.

During the matchup Fnatic against Excel, Hylissang's team lost, but his stats were high enough for him to take the MVP award of the match.

In the interview, Zdravets praised Humanoid, saying that his teammate has made his life easier:

Now he [Humanoid] brings the element of being more aware of which side we should play and what we should be doing in the game, we are still learning from him.

Another impactful player for Hylissang was Ivan "Razork" Diaz: "I really enjoyed playing with him and his company", he continues. Hylissang believes the synergy will grow further and the support + jungler pair will have a better understanding in the future:

Often he feels like he should do something, and I feel he should do it later, so it doesn’t look clean in the game.

Fnatic will be back to LEC on Friday, with Week 5 game against SK Gaming.