Worlds 2022 group stage is in the second phase, and today another pack of Group B matches will take place. The first one in the schedule is the clash between G2 and EDG. Here we have a brief overview of team performance and current rosters.

Starting with G2, the EU team had 1 win earlier. They lost the important match against JDG, the leader of the group. Before that they had already defeated EG once and lost to DWG.KIA, who aren't still on top  of their form. With today's rematch with EG, the following 5 will try to grasp an easy victory:

  • Jankos;

  • Caps;

  • Broken Blade;

  • Targamas;

  • Flakked.

EG had no victory in their group.  However, the play-ins were full of positive days for EG, where they defeated MAD Lions and LOUD. Currently EG compete in the following lineup:

  • Impact;
  • inspired;
  • Jojopyun;
  • Kaori;
  • Vulcan,

G2 vs EG winning odds

Teams met 7 times in the past. G2 won all of the encounters. It is hard to say that EG will surprise everyone with a win, even when the battle is on just 1 map. Accordingly, bookmakers from give more credit to G2. Here are the odds backing that opinion: 

Please note that the odds may change in real time.