Worlds 2022 Group A carry on with MAD Lions vs Isurus matchup, unfolding in b-o-1 format. Here we present the winning odds and rosters.

Isurus are a SA team with tier 2 roster. They have earned their slot via appearing in the 4th place in the domestic league twice. Now the whole lineup looks like this:

  • ADD;
  • Grell;
  • Seiya;
  • Gavotto;
  • Jelly.

MAD also finished 4th in their latest split in EU. There was even time at the start of the split when MAD were believed to be one of the finalists of LEC playoffs. As of now, the roster of Lions is the same:

  • Nisqy;
  • Armut;
  • Elyoya;
  • Kaiser;

Isurus vs MAD Lions prediction

Teams haven't met in the past, but the obvious favorites are the Spanish MAD Lions. Let's not forget that they are one of the best Tier 1 EU teams, unlike the opponent. Finally, the odds for the match, presented by Pinnacle are these: