The next match in group B at Worlds 2022 features JDG and EG. Time to see what are the chances of both teams in this best-of-1 matchup.

JDG had 5 wins out of 5 matches. The productive run might continue, if the team does not relax and lean back facing EG. Most importantly, JDG can read not only their domestic opponents, but also the foreigners. Here is the lineup playing since worlds. 

  • YaGao;

  • Missing;

  • Hope;

  • 369;

  • Kanavi.

EG need to try their best to break the chain of defeats. They somehow made to the group stage from the play-ins, but the rest of the job still needs to be done. Currently EG compete in the following lineup:

  • Impact;
  • inspired;
  • Jojopyun;
  • Kaori;
  • Vulcan,

JDG vs EG prediction

Teams met once this month. EG lost the match. JDG feel confident against NA teams, so this will be an easy matchup. Accordingly, bookmakers from believe in the victory of the Chinese JDG. Here are the odds backing that opinion: 

Please note that the odds may change in real time.