Rogue and JDG play in the quarterfinals of LoL Worlds 2022. The wait is over, and teams now decide the final placements. Hereby we present the prediction and lineup for the match.

JD walked confidently till the final day of group stage. They were only weaker than DWG in their group. 5-1 stats do not seem to be worrying at all.  JDG are:

  • 369;
  • Kanavi;
  • Yagao;
  • Hope;
  • Missing.

Rogue are in a superb form. They were the number one team as for LEC Spring 2022 and later in Worlds they had mixed results. The latest victories against TOP and GAM gave them a chance to compete in Worlds 2022 knockout stage:

  • Odoamne;
  • Malrang;
  • Larssen;
  • Comp;
  • Trymbi.

JDG vs Rogue prediction

Teams are yet to test each other out. Being one of the top performers of each region, JDG and Rogue share similar mentality against foreign teams. bookmakers believe in the victory of JDG. Here are the odds for the event:

  • JDG win — 1.11;
  • Rogue win — 6.90;
  • Map total > 3.5 — 1.84;
  • Map total < 3.5 — 1.89․