Ex-toplaner for DWG KIA Kim "Khan" Dong-ha rejoined the club as a streamer and League of Legends content creator. Just a few weeks earlier the player announced his retirement from competitive play, and the club even scheduled a special ceremony for him that is supposed to be held on December 4th. 

DWG KIA was the last team in Khan's over eight years-long career, he joined the club January 2021 and proceeded to play with it on the biggest stage of the year that is Worlds Championship 2021. His team finished second, losing to EDward Gaming. Soon after the tournament ended Khan announced that his playing career has ended. 

His comeback as a streamer is rather unexpected due to the fact that the 25-year-old was drafted into the Korean military service. The service is mandatory for all men from 18 to 28 and cannot be avoided. Therefore Khan soon will have to bid his farewell to KIA DWG once more, but this new endeavor may give us a glimpse on what to expect from him after his return.