The latest of Riot's champions for League of Legends is the Pride of Nazumah, K'Sante. The champ will be brought to servers with patch 12.21, going live November 3rd, 2022.

K'Sante will be setting his way to the top lane as a tank champ. His abilities evolve around short-range usage of tonfas. These are melee weapons, that the champ holds on to either defending with or attacking. He also has dashing abilities, knocking the foes down on his road. 

Finally, his ult will deal great physical damage and stun enemies for brief seconds. But be careful — K'Sante will lose some of his max health, bonus armor and magic resistance while tapping his "R".

Besides the new champ, the players will get a new Empyrian collection of skins, featuring Jhin, Lux, Zed, Vex and more. K'Sante himself will also get a new appearance due to this event. When it comes to changes, nerfs are coming to Bel'Veth, Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune, while several buffs are scheduled for Corki, Malhazar, Xin Zhao and fan's favorite, Ahri. 

Meanwhile, the season comes to an end with Worlds 2022 grand-final approaching, featuring two LCK teams — T1 and DRX. More can be found on