League of Legends game designer Phlox tweeted an update lately regarding the changes coming to the patch ver. 12.4.

The heroes getting nerfs include:

  • Zeri;
  • Mundo;
  • Qiyana;
  • Veigar;
  • Blitzcrank;
  • Nunu & William;
  • Master Yi.

2021's meta revolved around early game, while now mid-to-late game is in the focus. Especially with the changes made to Teleport. That said, pure late-game champions will not get those drips of additional buff, as Riot try to keep things balanced.

Champions that will be buffed are:

  • Aatrox;
  • Illaoi;
  • Amumu;
  • Ashe;
  • Lucian;
  • Kalista;
  • Xayah;
  • Sett;
  • Rumble;
  • Neeko;
  • Nami.

As an aside, we’re still watching fighter items to see if they need any adjustments but there’s nothing immediate there.

Phlox meant by this, that other changes can also be present once the patch launches February 16. Let's not forget also that a new champion is on the way, named Renata Glasc. Her main role is supposed to be support, and it'll be interesting to see how the players will work around her powerful ultimate.