League patch 12.11 is here with some interesting changes that brought nerfs and buffs all over the Runeterra. Apart from the changes, there is a brand new champ coming, as teased by Riot weeks ago.

The changes coming with the new patch are massive. Now lets dive into lines and pick the best ones.

On the top lane, we have Olaf, Fiora, Darius and Kayle. Another notable name is Wukong for the top, however many are more used to see him as a jungler.

Speaking about jungle, Taliyah has received buffs, which makes her a perfect jungler in patch 12.11. For the low ELO, pick Master Yi, Volibear and Shyvana. Trundle is another good option for most ranks.

Things in mid lane look similar: Taliyah is as good here as in the jungle. Kassadin's buffs in this durability update will hopefully bring its pick rate to a higher stance. The same applies to Victor.

The top ADC tier list sees Kog'Maw and Jhin rising in the low ELO. On the other hand, Vayne will suffer from nerfs and become an A-tier champ.

Finally, the best supports of the new patch are:

  • Zilean
  • Janna;
  • Senna;
  • Xerath.

Banning the relatively fresher champ Renata Glasc would be another common practice, once we see the League competitions back.