LoL’s new update is full of surprises. As reported by the game developers,  the year-long preparations to launch new jungle companions Into the game will eventually be presented with the preseason patch 12.22. These alterations make their way to the game after testing it out by the help of pro Jungle players, who in this case are the creators of the game mechanics. 

Even the developers accept that  learning to play on Jungle is harder than it seems. To bring fresh air to the  2023 season, The jungle items will be substituted with companions. The pets will help the player become more powerful  and assist him or her in  killing the enemies,  the creeps and the drakes. Before a player gets the pet,  they need to wait until the eggs hatch. That would be types of pets that grant different powers depending on their style, with colors of green, red and blue.

The latest patch of the game was released hours ago, adding fresh stuff like the reworked Chemtech and communication tools.