With the start of the week, League of Legends patch 12.14 changes have been revealed, which gives the opportunity to rank the champs in their suitable tiers. Here we are, to present the alterations for each role in 12.14 patch.

Top lane players can now turn to Teemo since his mana regen is getting buffed, sticking him to the B tier for the upcoming patch. At the same time, adjustments set to happen to Aatrox, who will see HP increase from 104 to 140, but "R" healing will be decreased by 10%. He is still an A tier champion, even though his late game suffers a bit now. Expect to see also nerfs for Gangplank who will have armor decreases this time, as well as decrease in Q damage.

The actual tier list in top lane welcomes Shen to the S tier, who will now share the same opportunities as Darius. For low ELOs one can turn to Garen , Mordekaiser and Yorick. 

Coming to the Jungle, a massive buff heppened to Pantheon's early game. Thus, he will move from tier C to B. Riot decided to bring Jarvan up from the ashes: he was one of the worst junglers in past patches, but now the buffs to his Q strike will improve, while the E cooldown will drop from 12 to 10 seconds. The adjustments to Wukong mean that he is now more viable in the top rather than in the Jungler's position. The latter though is still in the S tier alongside Amumu and Fiddlesticks. Low ELO's can play more Amumu, Master Yi and Shyvana. 

Mid lane is still the most populated S tier in this patch with Sylas, Anivia, Victor and Swain. Seraphine could also be helpful in plenty of situations, as she is in the S tier these days. Newcomers to the high tiers' list are Taliyah and Qiyana. For low ELOs, experts suggest picking Veigar, Malzahar and Annie, while banning Sylas, Victor or Kassadin.

ADC role sees very little changes, as the only buff will go to Varus. However, this is a minor boost, so not everyone would like to test him on the Summoner's Rift. Minor damage will be dealt to Sivir's W ability, but she is an OP pick all the way to the patch 12.15. On the other hand, Zeri will be nerfed to the extent that she steps down from A to B tier. To decrease the pickrate of Seraphine, her W ability also be decreased, moving her from OP to S tier. For bot lane low ELO's Veigar, MF and Seraphine are still pickable.

Support role for patch 12.14 will bring Alistar to A tier. Meanwhile Yummi's E will be nerfed a little more. Renata Glasc nerf is also here finally, making her an S tier pick. This will place Amumu and Taric in the OP tier: all because of their good teamfights and enchanters losing their power. Low ELO offers more choices like Seraphine, Brand and Zyra, while Renata, Pyke and Yummi are the optimal bans for the Support role.