Riot Games are bringing changes to some items in League of Legends. Through this, they are targeting the healing abilities which seem overpowered for now.

After the changes to top lane and Hullbreaker build, it is time to re-evaluate how the healing evolves among all the champs. The adjustments have been noticed by a user, who summed all up on Reddit.

This was commented on later, by Tim "THe Truexy", who is the associate game designer:

As a general principle, sustain (like any other stat), should come at a cost. If you want to deal a ton of damage, you usually sacrifice durability. If you wanna itemize to be a drain tank, you shouldn't also present a high damage threat. So imagine this as a systemic pass at re-evaluating the cost of sustain. The early hints of these are seen in the Fighter Mythic changes over S11, with Goredrinker/DS having damage siphoned to cost their sustain power.

Next, Riot are adding a new Rune to the game, called Treasure Hunter. It is ย a replacement of Ravenous Hunter. It spares extra gold to users as a first-time effect after a special takedown. The rune is perfect for lightning-fast assassins. It gives more room for aggression.