Worlds 2022 advances to the knockout stage after the results of play-in phase. Tonight MAD and Saigon will play in best-of-3 format to decide who goes through to the next round. Here we have betting tips and roster updates on the occasion.

As a favorite, MAD Lions already had a victory over SGB in earlier confrontation. However, now things look different as we step into longer battle over 3 maps. MAD Lions really have all the fundamentals to close their opponent down even when there is a chance for SGB to come back. MAD are:

  • Armut;
  • Elyoya;
  • Nisqy;
  • Kaiser.

Saigon, the underdogs of the match gifted some points to opponents like RNG and DRX, while having easier time to beat Istanbul Wildcards and Isurus. On the other hand, SGB have definitely drawn conclusions from their earlier loss to MAD. The former now compete in the same lineup:

  • hasmed;
  • Bean J;
  • Froggy;
  • Shogun;
  • Taki.

MAD vs SGB betting tips

It is obvious that SGB need to polish their picks and tactics before meeting the Spanish giants once more. However, analysts give little chance to the success of Saigon. Finally, suggests the following odds on the upcoming clash.

  • MAD win — 1․22;
  • SGB win — 4․28;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 1․48;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 2․53․