League of Legends updates are not far from the live servers. The upcoming big changes refer to ARAM — All Random All Mid mode. The updates to the map and gameplay mechanics could be appreciated the most. These are the alterations coming in 2023:

  • When towers fall, they will leave behind a pile of rubble that will act as unpassable terrain, blocking off half of the usual passage around fallen towers
  • When that tower falls, the Hexgate’s exit point will be on the inhibitor tower
  • Players can use their enemies’ Hexgates
  • Hexgates will spawn at the beginning of each game and link to the outermost tower on each team’s side
  • The pixel brush between towers will be slightly larger.

There will be an ARAM Clash held on December 10 to 11th, with registrations open on December 5th, 2022. 3 matches will be played for 8-team bracket, with 2 reroll options for each player per game.

The changes mentioned above will go online on December 7th, while an earlier patch is coming tomorrow, November 16th.