MSI 2022 is coming to its end and it's time to have a look at the tournament standings, with respective outrights. G2, EG, RNG and T1 are the only teams left in the competition. Let's have a look at possible winners below.

G2 Win:  9.00

G2 had an excellent run in their region, before the start of the MSI. The group stage of the latter also came easily for the European powerhouse, and CaPs' team looked to improve even further. However, they had defeats in the rumble stage, with best-of-1 series as the format. Now, G2 will have to face T1 in the elimination match, and it seems that they are the outsiders coming into the last stage. 

T1 Win: 1.57

T1, the next team in the list, surprisingly suffered a number of losses during rumble stage. Faker's dream is yet to come true in this event, and G2 will not let them earn the final spot that easy. However, the home crowd still remembers T1 unstoppable streak during the LCK, and will make sure to remind of it to each and every T1's opponent. Korean powerhouse is the favorite of the event, and there's only one team that has actual chances to stop them, according to the experts.

RNG Win: 2.75

RNG are the defending champions of MSI. They had a pretty good run, even in the one-map series of rumble stage. They are coming into this tournament with a status of another favorite to claim the title. RNG are ready to play longer sessions, especially against weaker opponents, such as EG, who are the clearest undrdogs of the final stage.

EG Win: 26.00

Finally, EG are the absolute underdogs of the event. They have already lost to their upcoming opponent RNG, as well as to T1. Tha NA's finest also had an exhausting streak of 6 games against G2 during the event, and lost all 6 of them. EG only looked strong against SGB, who have left the tournament already. And now, it seems that they have only one game left for this event. 

MSI Semifinals are set to kick off May 27, 17:00 UTC, while the finals ceremony will go live on May 29, Sunday.