MSI 2022 rumble stage is behind us and it is time to dive into the concluding stages of the tournament. This time, G2 and T1 will decide who has the right to advance to the final day of the event. For roster updates and betting tips have a look below.

After going for an undefeated run in their own region and MSI group stage, T1 did not have the same stability and gave away a couple of matches during the Rumble. But it should be said that everyone did, as chances of defeat are high when you play this many best-of-1 matches. T1's roster for the semifinal day is:

  • Gumayusi;
  • Oner;
  • Faker;
  • Zeus;
  • Keria

G2 are another team that showed amazing results this year both in LEC and the group stage of MSI 2022. CaPs' team won against T1 in the past, but the Korean team got their revenge within the same rumble stage. G2 need to be very careful playing T1 over 3 and more maps. To do so, they have their main roster registered for May 28 match:

  • CaPs;
  • Targamas;
  • Broken Blade;
  • Jankos;
  • Flakked.

T1 vs G2 betting tips

Experts think that G2 are the underdogs. But it is never meant to criticize the EU team. They've been shining since the start of the Spring Split and will hopefully not give away easily. T1, on the other hand, will try not to make the same mistakes they had in the rumble stage of MSI. Finally, let's see what the odds offer:

  • T1 win — 1.24;
  • G2 win — 4.42;
  • Map total >3.5 —1.53;
  • Map total <3.5 — 2․43․