Competitive League of Legends community learned lately that Misfits Gaming will no longer be participating in LEC. Instead, Team Heretics will claim their spot for the upcoming tournaments. But right after the rumours, there have been multiple complaints from ex-workers of Heretics, describing situations where the team just violated the rights of its members.

One of them was the photographer, who did not get paid from the org, which "stole" his photos. 

 Next, there was a former player that wasn't paid his termination fee by the same Heretics:

Interestingly enough, he got his termination for making a tier list of Valorant teams from top regions. The act was described as a "derogatory and defamatory opinion".

There hasn't been any update on either situations by Team Heretics. Fans and ex-workers look forward to get answers for the unprofessional approach.