Luka "Perkz" Perkovic, one of the famous mid laners in League of Legends and currently Team Vitality member, sat down with to speak about his early struggles, the meaning of life and what has brought him back to God.

I touched the psychic bottom. Images from life kept coming to my eyes: wounds from childhood, competitions… I also had forced thoughts to go to the balcony and kill myself. All the fame, money and success meant nothing to me nor could they comfort me. I realized that these are unimportant things that are not and cannot be the meaning of life.   

Perkz remembers details of his childhood: on one side it is him, living the usual life with theologist parents, while on the other side, a new hobby, videogames. The latter became an integral part of his life even more, when due to the tumor on the tibie he couldn't walk and had to spend all that time in front of the computer. He used to play Call of Duty, but then one day he discovered League of Legends.

The path has not been easy for Perkz. He had witnessed the ugly side of esports from the times he made a move from one club to another, at the same time getting life-threatening messages from overly enthusiastic fans calling him out as a betrayer. Besides, he was attending church on weekends and trying to stay a calm person under so much pressure. The "demonic attacks" multiplied when he learned about his father being ill. Talking to his mom helped him a lot, and that period he managed to "survive".

Time passed, he prayed for his dad every day. To focus on his career was already a tough task. Everything changed a bit later, but with a tragic loss. Surprisingly, things became much calmer for Perkz after the funeral of his father as the player now knew his dad was in a safer place.

The sunny side of the story is how his past stresses helped him to overcome the stress of playing in the last Worlds with G2. The player was still stressed but kept spreading positiveness, as that's what he thinks is the God's action. At the end of the day, Luka believes, whatever the obstacles are, "the Holy Spirit leads him".