Luka Perkovic, the famous League of Legends mid-laner, joined EUphoria podcast for Season 9 EP5, where he talked about the hopes and current form of his team — Vitality.

He told LEC casters that he was obsessed with winning the World Championship to such an extent, that it affected him mentally. As a result, the player showed poor performance back in 2019's championship, where they lost to FPX in the finals with a score of 3:0.

Those days are gone, but the desire to lift the trophy is still in his heart. Adding to that, the player thinks his current org, Team Vitality, is capable of lifting the trophy in 2022. There is only one member that has no experience in international events, but except Labrov, all the others know how to perform on perhaps the most important stage of competitive LoL.

“Everyone has the capacity to be a player that can win Worlds.”, Perkz says. And he believes what couldn't be found in NA, is possible with the French team.

There was a pre-existing team culture that I didn’t like. I didn’t like how they communicated with each other and the way they did certain things. It was not how I had envisioned it.

This is how Perkz describes the situation in Cloud9. The defeat to Gen.G in the quarterfinals made the player chase his dream outside of NA, finding home in Europe.

When it comes to Vitality's recent games, Perkz says they are not the right way to measure the team's capabilities. The reason is that they have been performing not together, but from home, because the whole team had health issues. Week 2, additionally, showed the positive effects of gathering in one place, as the atmosphere and motivations took a big shift among all the members.