Riot Games started the new season in League of Legends with an epic cinematic named "The Call". It features many beloved Champions, including Kai'sa and Pantheon, fighting for their life while something really dark happens to the world.

This video marks the beginning of a 2022 season in League of Legends. The team also announced many changes to skins system and a complete revamp of the in-client awards. The players will be able to track dozens of stats, including the number of times they've managed to dance near the enemy Nexus falling.

According to Riot, they will push out a new update in a few weeks that will feature a new marksman hero — Zeri. Apparently, she's going to revolutionize the ADC role, as she'll use her Q skill to hit creeps and do other things that previously were made with a basic auto attack. You can learn more about her history on CQ-esports.