On a 2022 Season kick-off stream Riot not only showed an epic cinematic to advance the in-game story but also teased a number of new champions that are supposed to arrive to Summoner's Rift later this year. The presentation was made by lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, who got corrupted by The Void mid-stream but managed to regain his old self and proceed with some more teasers.

This part of the show started with a trailer for the newest addition to League of Legends roster — Zeri, the spark of Zaun. The video itself was previously posted on League's YouTube channel, so there's nothing new to discuss about the hero. She will appear in-game about two weeks from now, and that's apparently the time when we'll finally be able to properly learn about her abilities. 

However, Zeri's only the first champion of the year to join the list. After her trailer Reav3 talked about how supports are the key members of any line-up that protect their core heroes and overall act "like real bosses of this game". This thought led Riot to create a more dark, sinister support for players to use. 

Right after that the Void took over Mireles, so in a distorted voice he muttered about the Lavender sea and his Empress that apparently rules over the Runeterra. This was a teaser for the new "terrifying" jungler that will participate in the battles later this year. 

The last teaser actually was just a picture. The description said that it shows a new bottom lane champion that will be a non-traditional one. Considering the fact that Zeri's Q and auto attacks apparently got swapped, it's very exciting to see how Riot can make a bottom laner even less traditional.

Riot tease new champion LeagueNew bottom laner teaser