Star Guardian event in League of Legends is an anime-themed release that includes the collaboration with DJ Porter Robinson. As a result, a new song has been recorded, with the title of "Everything Goes On". 

The tune presents the story of Star Guardians. Moreover, Riot have released skins with the respective theme, for champions like Kai'Sa, Akali, Seraphine and Gwen. 

From today on, players will be able to listen to the song and watch the animated video on their Riot platforms up until August 29. 

The singer of the tune, Porter Robinson, shared his thoughts on his own creation and LoL in general:

I’d spent so much time in their world over the last couple of years, and I’ve just really, really valued it. I know all the memes and inside jokes; you know how those things have a way of creeping into the way you relate to others? I think one cool way that I can contribute to this world is trying to make the sort of thing I would want to see as a fan of these characters.