LEC Spring 2022 advances with another match today featuring SK Gaming against Astralis. It is highly important to earn points at this round-robin phase, as both teams have negative results so far. Below you can find more on their forms and winning odds. 

Astralis are the 8th team on the LEC table. They had 4 wins and 5 defeats in the league so far, so it is time to balance things up first, and then start to think about better days. The roster consists of these players;

  • Kobbe;
  • Vizicsacsi;
  • Xerxe;
  • JeongHoon;
  • Dajor.

Things look more demotivating for SK Gaming, but this is LEC and any team can fail in this stage. They had 4 wins and 7 defeats. Of course SK Gaming are not so poor in the form as the last place Team BDS, but they could have been in a better position, at least in matches against the young Astralis players. SK have the following look in the lineup:

  • Treatz;
  • Jnx;
  • Gilius;
  • Sertuss;
  • Jezu;

SK Gaming vs Astralis winning odds 

Teams met 4 times in the past. Astralis won in 3 matches and lost once at the start of the year. Finally, the odds have the following numbers:

  • Astralis win - 1.73 ;
  • SK Gaming win - 2.05.