Famous Twitch streamer Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp recently finished his challenge in League of Legends which took him years. The player has climbed to the Challenger rank in League of Legends all roles while playing solo. After that, Tyler1 ranked all the roles to tell the fans which one is the best to grind the ranks.

The journey started in 2019 when the player took up the role of the jungler. The first one did not come easy as it took him as much as 2,000 games to reach his destination. At that time, he had to turn to a coach, who would help him reach the goal.

Next, he took up the Top Lane which took him whole 9 months but just a bit fewer games — 1,741 to enter Challenger rank. So, that was still an upgrade when compared to jungler. Later on, completing the challenge in the mid-lane was way easier. It took Tyler1 just 660 games. After showing his skills in those roles, Tyler turned to the support role. He appeared on the Challenger rank after 446 games. Previously, Tyler1 played bot lane, so this part of the challenge was already completed years ago.

There have been players who tried to complete this challenge, one of them being Carl Felix “Magifelix” Bostrom. But the difference between Tyler and Carl was that Tyler streamed all the process of ranking in all of the roles, except for the rare moments when he had to focus particularly hard on his gameplay in the jungler role. 

The streamer’s goal now is to rank as high as possible with the support role. In his words, the latter is broken and easy, but only if one "is not terrible". Maybe, the next challenge Tyler1 could take is climbing up to the Rank 1 on NA servers. His best season he had a Rank 5, so there's still some room for improvement. 

Lately, the player had parted ways with the club T1. He had been a part of the organization since October 2020. During that time he had been making content with T1 stars, including Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, who recently became the second player to reach 1,000 games on the professional scene.