LPL talent Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao appeared yesterday on the professional scene once again to compete against invictus Gaming, helping his current team Bilibili. Before that he hasn't been playing at all since his retirement back in 2020.

The game ended in IG’s favour, but the sides were close. Uzi picked Jinx and Bilibili built their game around their ADC. The champion helped him deliver a KDA of 11/4/17 in the second game, but that still was not enough to close the series in his favor. 

Coming to the 3rd map, Bilibili obtained a 3 000 gold advantage, but later on lost several teamfights near the top end of the jungle and dragon pit. Uzi’s stats here were not that impressive in his last game — 5/3/5 KDA only. Perhaps Bilibili needed some more time to get used to the new member after a long pause of 895 days, but that still was an exciting show for the fans of the legendary bottom player.