Ex-Creator Development Director for Twitch Marcus "djWhEAT" Graham has criticized Overwatch League in a stream while talking to chat. The deal that his company signed with OWL he considered to be "horrible".

Overwatch League was only one of his kind that embraced the city-based team structure in esports. This is similar to the traditional sports model. Blizzard tried to hype the format chosen for OWL, but the majority of the community had reasonable doubts about it.

The broadcasting deal Marcus spoke about, reportedly, cost Twitch almost $100 million. For him, the plan sounded "stupid" since the very beginning though:

Of course, I was not able to speak publicly about OWL when I worked at Twitch. But you better believe that I was the guy at every meeting going "this is stupid and you’re all stupid." And every single person who worked on the team at that time can confirm that they got tired of me talking about how horrible of a f***ing deal this was for a year and a half. I’ll tell you why it didn’t feel good. Because that league cost a lot of money and a year later, eleven of my staff were laid off!
Marcus "djWhEAT" Graham

Now, Blizzard has signed a similar deal with YouTube to stream CDL and OWL.