2021 has seen some changes to the popularity of competitive titles. It is time to sum up the past year and find out which are the most watched esports channels on Twitch. The stats are presented by Streams Charts.

In 2020 most of the tournament and esports event were taking place online, and the only attendance that was being counted came from online views. In 2021 we got ourselves some offline events, but most of those still were with viewers absent. However, here are some numbers regarding the viewership stats of those events.

Most watched esports channels on Twitch

Talking about the most views, first it is worth mentioning that LCK channel tops the board. They have surpassed ESL's Twitch channel and had the most spectators during worlds 2021 — 74.8 million. Riot Games channel was third  in this ranking, reaching 58,9 million hours watched — thanks to the english coverage of the League matches. They were also streaming titles different from Leauge of Legends, including their own mobile games or and Valorant. 

Top 4 is taken by the French studio OTP, which is also streaming matches of LFL, especially those games, in which Karmine Corp takes part.

Fifth place is given to Rocket League official channel: people visit it mainly to follow RLCS matches, thus, the channel blossoms with 50,3 million hours watched. Compared to 2020, this year Rocket League has seen major interest rise, as previously the channel was only at 8th place in this rating.

There is only one channel in top 10 that features Dota 2 matches and it is dota2mc_ruDota2mc_ru for the Russian audience. This channel brought nearly 50 million hours watched. Fans could follow Animajor, Singapore Major and 2 DPC seasonal tournaments there.

There are only 2 channels left to finish the top 10, and once again they are all about League of Legends: LEC and CBLOL, where the first is European League of Legends championship and the other streams League of Legends matches of Brazil.