Valorant Champions 2021 has been full of unpredictable outcomes and upset losses. However, not for all of the fans. This year some of the best teams were eliminated earlier than anyone would think - leaving a blank page for the others to come and make history on Berlin stage.

Final day between the newcomers of the event , Acend, and the favorite team Gambit was a complete show: 3-2 on the score and Acend are the ones to lift the cup. .            

First game was really tough for both teams and they had time on the rest halves of the match. It is never easy on Breeze, nor on Ascent or Fracture. However, this is where the things have looked ideal - Icebox and Split. Here, even with so stressed out situation, Acend stayed composed and avoided the narrow points, winning the final half with the score of 13 -8. 

Gambit will get its modest $150,000 cash prize, while the new champions are taking home $350,000