UB playoffs at VCS Istanbul 2022 kick off today with the battle of LOUD and OpTic Gaming. The winner will advance to the Grand Finals of the event. Here we present the odds and the recent results of both sides.

Optic Gaming defeated XSET in a lengthy match and made it to the UB finals. During the group stage OpTic had already defeated LOUD too, with the same score of 2:1. Today OpTic step up with the following roster.

  • crashies;
  • VIctor;
  • FNS;
  • yay.

LOUD snowball well throughout this tournament. They stomped the enemies in the last 3 matches in a clean fashion. Yesterday their victims were DRX. Now it takes more efforts to take revenge from the past defeat to OpTic. For that LOUD present these names in the lineup: 

  • Sacy;
  • pancadalv;
  • saadhak;
  • aspas;
  • Less.

LOUD vs OpTic prediction 

Bookmakers give a lot of credit to OpTic: they won against LOUD once, they have the chance to do it again. Therefore, the odds at Pinnacle.com show the following digits:

  • LOUD win — 2.11;
  • OpTic win — 1.68;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.21;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.62․

Note that the odds may change in real time.