Right after claiming the coveted slot in VCT 2023 EMEA lately, NAVI suddenly let their Valorant players explore other options outside of the club. The decision was a shocking one, but now things clarify a bit, as the org showed jersey with Kirill "ANGE1" Karasyov's name written on it β€” FPX Valorant roster captain that was allowed to switch club as well.

The previous NAVI team competed at VCT EMEA 1 and 2 Challengers, however was not able to reach to the playoffs. LCQ Champions 2022 was not in their abilities either. But, the new rules for VCT 2023 partner program brought disbands for some powerful lineups, and NAVI could not miss the chance to sign better names under their tag.

One of those teams was FPX, which had played in the playoffs of the latest Champions Istanbul 2022. The official announcements will arrive after September 26 for all the teams in partnership.

Source: Natus Vincere