Valorant Champions 2021 has entered its heated stages, where Cloud9 Blue are the first NA team that qualify for playoffs. The victory against Vision Strikers was notable, so now fans are looking forward to the next game against Team Liquid - another powerful and lucky team from Europe.

Both teams are seriously prepared for the match: they have proper experience competing in LAN events and Valorant Champions 2021 is not an exception. Team Liquid's roster includes names such as Benrlitom brothers and Travis "L1NK" Mendoza, so TL's results are hugely dependant on those players.

Cloud9 Blue's fate, however, has something to show, as players like "leaf" and "vanity" are in the starting position. Team Liquid is the favorite, according to experts, as they have 5 wins out of the last 5 games, whereas Cloud9 Blue has slipped once, now with the result of 1 loss and 4 wins. The match starts on December 8, 19:30 UTC. 

And here are the predictions for the matchup:

  • Team Liquid Win - 1.41
  • Cloud9 Blue Win - 2.77

One thing to remember is that both teams haven't competed against each other within this tournament, so first they will try to get used to the opponents playstyle.