Valorant Champions 2021 grand-final is right around the corner as we proceed to the semifinals already. It's safe to say that Champions turned out to be truly a World Cup for Riot's newest competitive discipline, as the teams in the semifinals represent three very different regions.

In the first game of the day, Acend will face Team Liquid in a European derby of sorts. Both teams are coming into this game undefeated, even though Acend already tasted a loss in the groups against Brazilian side Keyd Stars — EU roster lost that game, but then the results were reverted as it turned out that Keyd player used a game-breaking bug to his advantage. Clearly, Liquid's "cleaner" run makes them favorites of the semifinal game that is set to start at 6:00 PM CET on December 11th.

Acend vs Team Liquid odds:

  • Winner: Liquid (1.39).
  • Winner: Acend (2.78).

Later on Valorant fans will have a pleasure to see a truly international game as the Argentinian roster of KRU Esports will fight Russian team Gambit Esports for the place in the finals. Gambit came into this tournament as one of the favorites, as the previous major tournament of the game — Berlin Masters — was taken by their team on this exact stage. 

However, KRU definitely got their momentum going after the quarterfinals against Fnatic that the Argentinian side took with the score 2:1. The game is scheduled for 9:00 PM CET on December 11th. 

Gambit vs KRU odds:

  • Winner: Gambit (1.39).
  • Winner: KRU (2.78).