VCT EMEA Stage 1 Challengers advances with the next pair competing in the names of G2 and Team Liquid. We've covered roster updates and betting tips hereby.

G2 Esports are on a decent run this time in VCT Stage 1. They've scored three wins and got themselves a place in the playoffs, even though it is only in quarterfinals. G2 esports are playing with these names in the lineup:

  • Meddo;

  • hoody;

  • AvovA;

  • nukkye;

  • mixwell.

Team Liquid had similar results in their group A. Now, they will have to win over G2 in order to secure themselves a place in the semis against FPX Esports. They are feeling their best on maps like Fracture, Ascent and Breeze. Liquid's team of 5 has this look:

  • Sulcas;
  • L1NK;
  • ScreaM;
  • Jamppi;
  • Nivera.

Team Liquid vs G2 betting tips

Previously teams have met twice last year. Liquid was the better side in both of the matchups. Now, experts expect Liquid to win the game and proceed to the next stage. G2 have their chances to turn the tables, though: 

  • Team Liquid Win — 1.61;
  • G2 Win — 2.09;
  • Map Total >2.5  — 2.13;
  • Map Total <2.5 — 1.61.