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Description: In A Relationship With Joselyn ๐Ÿค Become A SPONSOR! Unlock All My New Emotes/Badges/Perks On My Livestreams. LINK Below - - - - My Social Media Accounts: Instagram: arsen_yx Twitter: arsen_yx |-| Snapchat: DeathstrokeNo1 PayPal/Email: [email protected] My GTA 5 Online Gamertag: Arssnn (GTA) DeathshotNo1 (GTA) LaggyArsvn (Fortnite) My Crews: Hated Survivors DEVX Devexity DEVX Noxious Bebes NOXI About Me: I am a GTA Tryhard YouTuber who supports combat competition in the game and will ACTUALLY 1v1 YOU In Your Speciality Area As Long As You Verse Me in Mine. Although i Do Play: |-| Base AW/ARs Beach AW Beach ARs (FreeAim) FTF/RNG TOP DONATORS ๐Ÿ–ค Juzexa Sivxea ObnBrandon Reconfirmed Seuxza Xuvoiz Beast ConnorBeast Luminised Remtralized ArsenOnTop Kidius Bubba Sadexity

Country: United States

Registered: 5 years ago (03 April 2016 09:00)

Latest Stream: 3 days ago [16 June 2021 00:34] (New GTA Online DLC incoming Commentary)

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