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Description: I live Stream Fortnite Arena and Make Fortnite Arena Videos - Fortnite Competitive, Fortnite Challenges, Fortnite Best Backbling Combos, Fortnite tips, and tricks. Daily streams at 10am est and 2pm est For a complete list of the products I use check out my website - Please enjoy my videos - be sure to like and subscribe! Check out my Instagram - Check out my Twitter - Check out my website - Check out my Tiktok - Check out my Discord - **My parents help me with my channel and my social media**

Country: United States

Registered: 4 years ago (01 January 2017 17:51)

Latest Stream: 1 day ago [18 June 2021 14:16] (🔴Fortnite Live Arena🔴Duos + SUB to Halo Shorts! | Family Friendly (Season 7))

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( 🔴Fortnite Live Arena🔴SUPER SWEATING TO GET 100K POINTS! | Family Friendly (Season 7) )

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Hey Everyone! In today's live stream we are going to be playing and grinding out Fortnite season 7 arena and some scrims live, also doing arena duos/ solos/trios! I stream daily on Youtube! Always at 10 am EST and sometimes 2:00pm est Creator Code: halobombtrooper My name is Zymir but you can call me Halo and I live Stream Fortnite Arena and make a lot of Fortnite Competitive content. I love streaming, making videos, and vibing with everyone :) All support on my vids is greatly appreciated.🌟 ⭐Socials: Follow me on all platforms! 💖 ======================================== 🐦Twitter - 👾Twitch - 📷 Insta - 🎮 Discord: ⏰Tiktok: Become Legends Socials! 🎁 Youtube -​ 🐦 Twitter -​​​​ 📸 Instagram-​ 📱 Tiktok - #BLONTOP #fortnitelive #fortnitearena #Fortnitetrios #fortnitestream #familyfriendly #fortnitechapter2season7 #Fortnitestreamer #fortnitetrios #fortnitesolos #fortniteseason7 #fortnitegrind #fortnitetrios #fortnitesoloarena #fortniteduo #FNCS #FortniteUFOs

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