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Description: I'm Legend of Total War. You may also call me Jeff. I am an advocate of the Cheese God. I primarily play Total War, but not every game in the franchise. At the moment I'm entirely dedicated to covering Total War: Warhammer 2 & 3. My content is broken up into: - Disaster Campaigns - where people send me their save files on the verge of campaign defeat and I attempt to turn it around. - Top 5 videos - simple lists that display my opinion on a certain Total War related topic. - Livestreams - I try to stream about 6 hours a day. I'm also actively reading the chat during streams. Feel free to contact me using my email address below. I try to respond to as many as I can. Business inquiries also welcome with the exception of MCNs or Mobile Games.

Country: Australia

Registered: 8 years ago (11 December 2012 02:51)

Latest Stream: 11 hours ago [21 June 2021 13:58] (Super Grombrindal & Gotreks Livestream Campaign Part 2)

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